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Father - Feinstein

- Female poet writing about her father
- Admiration for her father's work

- Admiring tone

- Semantic field of technical language "sands and planes".
- Sibilance "salmon trout.." emphasises luxury of products - contrast between hard work and delicacy
- Oxymoron "shabby and powerful" different but go together well
- Even structure of stanzas reflects the simple, ordered nature of his work
- Quatrains = solidity, strength
- Stanzas: present, past, past, present

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Bricklayer's lunch hour - Ginsberg

- Voice is an obserevr of work
- Straight forward, simple meaning
- Build up of images/ snapshots of a physical labourer
- Focus on physical appearance and movements

- Calm, care-free

- Enjambement = slow, languid peace
- Caesura = lazy feel
- Repitition of "idly" to emphasis message
- One solid stanza like a brick wall
- Uneven phrasing
- Lengthy opening phrase - tiring to read, reflects mood
- Captures one moment

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Money - Sisson

- Compares money to a woman who fools you with her appearance
- Interpretation: he is the victim
- Not comment on work that's wrong, just the method he uses to say it

- Sinister
- Dark
- Complacent

- Becomes increasingly violent
- 3 4-line stanzas
- Extended metaphor of money being a woman
- Negative imagery of a woman
- Sibilance "subsistence" spitting out words

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Builders - Padel

- Description of men who build and women's interpretation of their work

- Ironic "danger to marriage" they build but destroy
-  Humourous "ruthless" exaggerated
- Pityful or sneering? "talking of homes.."

- Form looks like bricks stacked
- Enjambement = cycle of development (ongoing)
- Sibilance "sockets, skirting boards.." soft, peace when builders leave
- Tripling, listing, generic naming "Colin, Rodney, Steve"
- 1st person narrative

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Shearing at Castlereagh - Paterson

- Pleasure in hard graft
- Celebration of w/c culture

- 3rd person narrator - observer of work
- Energetic tone (helped by the rhyme scheme)
- Pride of community "branded Castlereagh"
- Satisfaction of achievement

- Iambic heptameter = regular beat, pace of working
- Demotic language "you clumsy fisted.."
- Colloquial language "tubbo shed" "penners up" authentic, real
- Sibilance "pass yourselves as shearers"
- Constanance, cacophony "another broken cutter"
- Aural imagery/ onomatopoeia "ringing" "toot" - real, vivid, alive
- Four regular stanzas = well structured
- Repition of "heave and heave" monotonous labour, constant effort

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CV - Armitage

- List of jobs he's had
- List of failings of youth of today - give up easily. poem is just a list so fails at being a poem
- Energetic, humourous poem that immitates the attitude of actions performed
- Comment on dispensable nature of a worker in society
- Moaning of frustrated youth
- About accepting your place in society
- About growing up

- Yorkshire w/c accent
- Pessimistic, melancholy tone
- Some humour, irony - made reduntant as a painter of Forth Bridge

- Euphimisms/idioms "fluffed it" "axe fell" "slipped up" things going wrong
- Each stanza presents a new stage of employment 
- Ends on a choice

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Hay making - Clarke

- Union between man and nature
- Nature and natural processes of life (sex included?)

- Full of contentment
- Reminissent
- Evocative of summer

- Simple everyday language of nature
- Irregular stanzas
- Assonance - "gates hang slack" lengthens sound, image of peace, ease, released tension "slack"
-  Alliteration "fallen fields" soft, fricative, gentle
- Sensory imagery "sweet with the liquors"
- "Fron Felen" gives sense of place, community
- Comforting image "first kittens"
- End focus on "seeds" fertility, start of harvest
- Sexual reference "hot nights" "clean sheets" "first love"
- Cliched image of rural life "sandals filled with seeds"

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