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It's Work - Zephaniah

- Possibilities and choices of work
- Idea of choosing a job that empowers you - gives you a label and purpose

- Sense of energy and optimism
- Contemplates fanciful professions he could do "swimmer" or "writer"
- Modal verb "could" suggests possibility
- Defiant tone "I will not join de army" perhaps doesn't want to kill? moral statement?
- Proud of heritage "black heart"

- Repitition of jobs ending in "er" adds bounce to the rhythm - contributes to strong, energetic voice
- Non standard english reflects his cultural roots - creates a more punchy tone
- One solid stanza with frequent punctuation - effect of narrator reading from a list, adds to fast pace, work is ongoing, suggests endless possibility

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You will be hearing from us shortly - Fanthorpe

- Shows her distaste of how employment is based on personality
- Political attitude regarding sexual inequality - interviewee is a woman? interviewer is a man?
- Job interview - question and response

- Sense of defiance through strong and patronising voice of interviewee
- Simple yet offensive comments "now your age" loaded with pessimism - interviewee forced to defend herself
- Blunt, unimpressed responses following the interviewee's "silent answer" - inspires feelings of frustration and indignance from reader

- Arrangement of regular stanzas reflects structure of a rigourous interview
- Gaps left for interviewee to answer - employment follows a rigid formula, raises questions in reader of how to answer
- Frequent use of questions - strong and attacking voice of interviewer - employment is brutal

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