Plant Reproduction

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a) Sexual reproduction in flowering plants involves:

  • the production of male and female gametes
  • the transfer of the male gametes to the female ovules in a process called pollination
  • fertilisation, after which ovules grow into seeds within a fruit. 

b) The processes involved in sexual reproduction include:

  • the anther produces the male gametes in pollen grains 
  • the pollen grains attach to the stigma on top of a carpel, in which the female gametes (ovules) are located
  • a pollen tube grows through the carpel's style into the ovule
  • the nuclei from the pollen grain migrate into the ovule to fertilise the egg cell nucleus and endosperm nuclei
  • the resulting zygote develops into an embryo
  • the endosperm and the female tissues of the ovule give rise to seed
  • the ovary then grows into a fruit, which surrounds the seed(s).
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