Physics - Core Science (P1)

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Physics | P1 | Energy transfer by heating | 1.1 In

Physics | P1 | Energy transfer by heating | 1.1 Infared radiation | 1.2 Surfaces and radiation

  • Infared radiation is energy transfer by electromagnetic waves.
  • Infared waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • We can detect infared radiation with our skin - it makes us feel warm.
  • All objects emit (give off) infared radiation.
  • The hotter the object, the more infared radiation it emits.
  • Infared radiation can travel through a vacuum, for example space.
  • Infared does NOT involve particles like the other forms of radiation.
  • Matt surfaces emit and absorb more infared radiation than shiny surfaces.
  • Darker objects emit and absorb more infared radiation than lighter objects.

                Matt black                 Shiny black                Matt white               Shiny white

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Physics | P1 | Energy transfer by heating | 1.3 St

Physics | P1 | Energy transfer by heating | 1.3 States of matter

  • 3 states of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas. We can make a substance change between these states by heating or cooling it.
  • Solid - The particles vibrate about fixed positions. Fixed shape and volume. Particles arranged in ordered rows and columns. Very close together.
  • Liquid - The particles are close together but can move around at random. Fixed volume. Takes the shape of its container.
  • Gas - The particles are far apart and can move quickly at random. Fills avaliable space. Spreads out.

                         Solid                          Liquid                        Gas

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