Notes on the St Peter's Field Massacre

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Why were they protesting? / Violent Intent?

* wanted parlimentary reform - annual parliments, MPs paid, Universal suffrage (for men) and secret ballots.

Not violent
*Sunday Best

*Women and Children

*Sung National Anthem


Numbers: est. 30000-153000 people

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Whose fault?

12 people died: of which 60% (7) can be attributed to soldiers.
The other 40% of deaths were caused by trampling - horses/panic of the crowd?

Death of a SC shows panic and chaos - trampled/sabred - soldiers killed 'one of their own'

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*Term 'Peterloo' - reference to the Battle of Waterloo, a great victory, compared to the massacre of innocent civilians.

* Six Acts:

  • No unofficial military training
  • Magistraites can search homes for arms
  • Policital meetings only held with mag. permission.
  • More tax on newspapers
  • Suppress seditious publications
  • Faster trials

*Not as harsh as other European countries.

*Some only temp.

*Not enough police to enforce.

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