Personal Digital Devices


Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte

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Common Formats

Audio: MP3 and WMA

Still Images: JPEG, GIF, and PNG

Video: MEPG-4, and WMV 

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Peripheral Devices

There are three types of Peripheral Devices: Storage, Input, and Output.

Flash memory is a peripheral used for portable digital devices because:

- It doesn't loose data when turned off
- It has no moving parts so doesn't damage easily 
- Its removable and can be tranferred between devices

Flash Memory Types:

- SD card
- SDHC card
- Micro SD card
- SDXC card
- USB flash drive (memory stick) 

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Input and Output Devices

Input Peripheral Devices:

- Mouse
- Keyboard
- Game Controller
- Webcam
- Touch Screen
- Microphone
- Joystick
- Graphics Tablet
- Scanner
- Touch-sensitive jog dial

Output Peripheral Devices:

- Speakers
- Docking Station
- Headphones
- Printer
- Headset
- Screen 

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Data Cable Connection:

- Most common connection
-  Mobiles connect to computers via this


- Devices communicate using short distance radiowaves
- Most devices are bluetooth enabled or bluetooth dongles can be used as peripherals
- Many peripherals are bluetooth enabled (Speakers, Printers) 


- Uses radiowaves
- Longer distances than bluetooth
- Most devices are WiFi enabled
- Allows devices to connect with a computer network and the internet
- Many peripherals are WiFi enabled (Speakers, Printers, Scanners, Digital Projectors) 

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Syncronising: When two devices, such as a media player and computer, are connected they can automatically exchange data.

Cloud computing services (eg. Apple iCloud) store data files such as music and films on a remote server. This allows file access from any device which can sync with the remote server.

When using iCloud, when you download a song to one device, it automatically downloads onto all devices to save syncing multiple devices with the computer.

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Mobile Phones

Core Functions:

- Make voice calls 'on the go'
- Send short SMS

Added Functions (convergence of other devices functions):

-  Camera / Videa Camera
- Internet Browsing
- GPS reveiver
- Entertainment
- Productivity
- Data Storage

Security Measures:

- Hide the phone
- Set a PIN, Password, or Biometric lock
- Lock the SIM card
- Record the IMEI number
- Restrict Bluetooth usage (Stops bluejacking)  

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Personal Computers

 Desktop Computers:

- Needs input and output peripherals
- Have hard disk drives and optical drives (CD and DVD drives) as storage
- Powerful processors
- Good connectivity (USB, FireWire, HDMI)
- Can have bluetooth and WiFi cards
- Easy to upgrade and enhance by adding extra features

Laptop Computers:

- Battery Powered
- Monitor, mouse and webcam built in
- Have hard disk and optical drives built in, and SD slots
- Bluetooth and WiFi built in
- Good connectivity (USB, FireWire, HDMI)
- Less easy to dismantle and upgrade
- Notebooks are similar but even more compact 

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Personal Computers

Netbook Computers:

- Strong and Robust
- Small and lightweight
- Boot up quickly because of Solid State SD cards as storage devices
- WiFi built in
- Dont have hard disk or optical drives
- Designed for using the internet and cloud computing

Tablet Computers:

- Very light and portable
- Battery Powered
- Touch screen interface
- Virtual keyboard
- Bluetooth, Wifi, and 3G connectivity
- Cameras
- Designed for App, Internet and ebook use
- Can download and run apps on mobile phones 

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Health Risks

Eye Strain: - looking at screen for too long Take breaks
  -  Sunlight shining on monitor Ajust screen

RSI: - Performing repeated actions Use wrist rests
Take breaks 

Neck and Back problems: - Sitting in wrong position  Change chair height
       - Sitting for a long time  Move computer

Pain in knees and legs: - Sitting in wrong position Ajust chair and use foot rest
   - Sitting for a long time Take regular breaks 

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Media Players

Key Features:

- Small, light and easy to carry
- Uses solid state memory
- Long battery life
- Holds alot of media
- Can set Playlists
- Lock function
- Simple interface


- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- IR (Infrared)
- USB 

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Security Features

Media Players:

- Locks automatically to prevent unauthorised use
-  Reactivates only when correct password is entered
- Encrypts data 
- Backup to computer features
- Wireless sharing (Bluetooth)
- Remote management
- Hard reset feature
- Uses antivirus software 

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Downloading and Streaming


- Saves time (Media played as it arrives)
- Uses less storage space


- Cannot keep a local copy to view offline
- Limited availability
- User experience is dependent on connection quality 

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Game Consoles


- High Resolution output for HD gaming
- CD, DVD, Blu-ray optical drives
- Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet network cable
- Multi-player gaming


- Wireless contollers
- Wireless headsets
- Hard drive transfer cables
- Webcam / Speaker / Microphone set
- Motion Sensors
- HDTV and HDMI cable


- Smart TV for online interactive media and game streaming
- Smartphone and Tablets use HDMI to play games on HD TV

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Health Risks

Overuse Injuries:  Pressing buttons leads to RSI Set time limits
Take frequent breaks 

Obesity: Time gaming is linked to obesity Set time limits

Muscle and Joint Problems: Hours in same position Take regular breaks
      Use ergonomic equpitment 

Eye Strain: Eyes become fatigued Ajust screen
Take gaze breaks

Signs of Overuse:

- Spend all free time gaming
- Giving up other hobbies
- Not keeping up with homework
- Irritated when not gaming
- Escape to gaming when sad or upset
- Rather play games than spend time with friends
- Lie about how long you spend playing 

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Home Entertainment

- Digital Television
- Digital Projectors
- Set top box
- Blue-ray Players
- Amplifier
- Speakers

Integration allows access to an entire CD collection in every room via a music server.
DLNA devices are compatible straight out of the box. 

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Satellite Navigation


- Route Planning
- Check Speed 
- Speed Camera Warnings
- Live traffic reports
- Locates conveniences

Health and Safety Risks:

- Distraction
- Device may cause blind spot
- Device is not always correct

Geocaching: An outdoor high tech treasure hunt where players locate hidden containers using GPS enabled devices


- Some Sat navs provide information such as disabled parking areas and information on local facilities
- Sat navs for blind people will speak at the press of a button 

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Sat Nav or Smart Phone?


- Likely to always have mobile with you
- Small and light to carry around
- Often cheaper for the app if you already own a smartphone


- May have to pay for an expensive app if phone doesn't come with one
- Mobile Internet can be expensive, and roaming charges apply if using abroad
- Runs mobile battery down quickly
- Smartphone apps dont always update quick enough 

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Technology in Education

- Internet for research
- Laptops, Netbooks and Smartphones allow access to online learning resources
- Apps makes learning more enjoyable
- VLEs allow access to learning resources and allow students to hand in homework at any time
- Ebooks give better access to textbooks
- Online regestrations and admin improve efficiency
- Specialist software improves learning
- Interactive whiteboards enhance the learning experience 

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