Peaceful Co-existence 1953-1962


The consolidation of positions

By 1949:

- Europe had been divided and established into two armed camps

--> this was consolidated to give relations between East and West a degree of stability. 

- The Iron Curtain = a defined line marking the border between the different spheres of influence 

- Insecurity of the late 1940's had been caused by both sides 

- By 1949 the division of Europe had become entrenched

- US were committed to NATO 

- This showed an indication of the strength of their attitude towards defending Europe from the spreading of communism

- The Warsaw Pact of 1955 symbolised the USSR's willingness for the USSR to protect the Eastern Bloc from the perceived evils of American imperialism.

- Both US and USSR had to accept the division of Eurpope but their positions were more secure so the superpowers were more willing to attempt negotiation

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