Peace And Conflict

Key Words on Peace and Conflict

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Just War

Six conditions must be satisfied for a war to be considered just:

  • The war must be for a just cause.
  • The war must be lawfully declared by a lawful authority.
  • The intention behind the war must be good.
  • All other ways of resolving the problem should have been tried first.
  • There must be a reasonable chance of success.
  • The means used must be in proportion to the end that the war seeks to achieve.

    A war that starts as a Just War may stop being a Just War if the means used to wage it are inappropriate.

  • Innocent people and non-combatants should not be harmed.
  • Only appropriate force should be used.
    • This applies to both the sort of force, and how much force is used.
  • Internationally agreed conventions regulating war must be obeyed.
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Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

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Attacking someone without being provoked.

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Pardoning someone for what they did wrong.

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Taking advantage of a weaker group.

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