Should we make the voting system more proportional

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  • Should we make the voting system more proportional?
    • Yes
      • Effects on the party system
        • Would produce a multi-party system which is more pluralist and representative
        • Smaller parties would win more seats, larger parties would win less seats so there's more accurate representation of voters' opinions
      • Effects on government formation
        • A multi-party system would prevent any party from winning an overall majority in parliament - would stop government from being excessively powerful
        • As a minority/coalition government democracy would be better served as a consensus would be seeked on every issue
      • Effects on voters
        • Voters' interests better served, more voter choice
        • Every vote counts and has equal value
        • Favour members from ethnic minorities and women
    • No
      • Effects on the party system
        • It could give an opening for extremist parties
        • Could create a chaotic political system with too many competing parties
      • Effects on government formation
        • Could produce instability - governments frequently falling and having to be reformed
        • Without parliamentary majority, governments lose decisiveness
      • Effects on voters
        • More difficult to understand
        • Loss of MP + constituency link would be  a blow to democracy


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