Paddy Clarke Revision

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle notes.

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Key Themes in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

  • Family
  • Family breakdown
  • Secrecy / lying
  • Imagination / reality
  • Perception / confusion
  • Responsibility / growing up - Bildungsroman
  • Context - Irish, Catholic / Protestant
  • Class difference
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Key Characters in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

  • Paddy / Patrick
  • Ma
  • Da
  • Sinbad / Francis
  • Kevin
  • Henno (teacher)
  • Charles
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Techniques in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

  • Bildungsroman - a story of someone growing up. eg. from a boy to a man such as in Paddy Clake Ha Ha Ha
  • Short / simple sentences eg. "I stopped. It was cold." - shows youth
  • Oxymoron eg. "Screamed whispers" - shows confusion. "Screamed" implies violence and "whispers" implies secrets
  • Repetition
  • Colons and semi colons - shows he has used a fact to work out a situation. eg. "The television was on; that meant ma and da weren't in bed." - working out - shows maturity / youth as facts are withheld
  • Pathetic fallacy eg. "It was cold." - when a situation is mirrored in weather / surroundings. In this example, shows tention between family
  • Juxtaposition - when a long sentence is followed by a short one (vise versa). This can show pace / confusion / listening and waiting.
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