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Patrick 'Paddy' Clarke- 10 year old boy, main character, we see life from his eyes. mischevious and clever, a bit of a bully. He, his best friend Kevin, and a gang of boys are constantly getting into trouble around their town, neighborhood, and school. He is the instigator in pranks and enjoys inflicting pain, until he realizes first hand what it can feel like.

He likes to think he is smarter than his teacher Mr. Hennessey is. His classmates often pull tricks or make noises when he steps out of the room.

Paddy likes to steal items from the town stores just to see if he can get away with it. It is often items of no need to him, like women's magazines . The pranks are that of young boys who are bored, and trying to find a place where they fit in with society. The pranks can turn cruel though, such as when they lit Sinbad's


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