Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha - Key Quotes

There aren't that many about on the internet, so here are a few divided into sections for the use in the exam - tomorrow!

Hope that you find these useful!

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Divided into Sections.
Paddy's Personality Paddy's relationship with Ma & Da Paddy's relationship with Sinbad
`It'd be brilliant, wouldn't it?' P1 `She killed me. The worst part was going to see if she'd `This was terrible. In front of the others, I couldn't sort out
`Thomas Clarke is my granda. Pass it on.' P21 tell my da when he came home.' P6 my little brother.' P8
`I wasn't whinging. Putting two letters in envelope `He sometimes liked these questions, and sometimes he `He was just my little brother. I hated him. He never
was stupid. Santy would think it was only on letter didn't.' P25 wiped his nose. He cried. He wet the bed. He got away
and bring Sinbad's present and not mine. I didn't `A year after that I knew it wasn't George Best's real with not eating his dinner.' P167
believe in him anyway.' P31 autograph at all; it was only a printing and my da was a `I wanted to hear Sinbad kicking, crying, scratching his
`We said we'd get Liam to light it in case me and liar.' P137 hands on the lid.' P187
Kevin got caught.' P8 "he hit her. Across the face; Smack." P190 `Do you not like being called Sinbad?' `No.' ... `Francis?'
`I didn't really want him to die or anything else; he `I watched. I listened. I stayed in. I guarded her.'P191 P222
was me da.' P191 `I loved him. He was my da. It didn't make any sense. `I hated Sinbad... Sinbad died. I cried... I loved Sinbad'
"I didn't listen to them. They were only kids" P281 She was my ma.' P191 P257
`Very well, thank you' P282 "He was drunk. It was new. I'd never seen it before."
Paddy's friends Paddy's opinions about school life Other interesting quotes
`I didn't tell him about his underpants.' P103 `I'd put my stuff in my bag and walked up to the front of `Are you sure the water hit her (his sister) before she
`I watched Charles Leacvy. I studied him. I did his the room and across the top desk. Henno shook my died? I asked my ma.' Speaking about his sister who
twitch.' P250 hand. ­ see how long you can stay there now, he said. ­ was still-born, catholic views P86
`I saw Charles Leavy going out of the school gate Good man.;' P192 `He told us to fold our arms and go asleep and when we
­ I looked around ­ I didn't want anyone else ­ did he carried Liam out of the class.'P8
and followed him.' P267 `For the rest of the day Henno only asked me questions
`Now I didn't care. If he hurt me I'd hurt him. It when I put my hand up. He didn't try to catch me out. He
didn't matter who won.' P272 hit no one. They knew it was because of me.' P235
`There was nowhere I wanted to run away to, except
maybe some of the islands. I was still going to do it
though.' P231
"our territory was getting smaller".
"the table was still dirty, the dishes were still on it"


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