Overnight Nuclear Metering Review

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We are updating our position based on the average of the last 24 hours of metering. Due to tidal/seasonal/plant changes we might be +/- 2MW out. we update our PNs (and our position) and then they update their MELs so PN=MEL.

Where the data has been affected by a plant manoeuvre (an LPR or load drop) the PN should be set to the average excluding the metering during the manoeuvre. If we don't adjust for a manoeuvre, a stations MEL might be lower than what we want. 

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The Process

Stations have to generate to its MEL or PN. PN takes first prioroty unless MEL<PN.

E.g. We don't adjust for a manoeuvres and a station in PNd at 550MW but the station wants to raise to 600MW. It can't because for that gate closure the PN is less than the MEL at 550MW.

  • We pull the data into the 'PPVCafe_vs_GetForecast' tool by clicking the 'Get Metered Data' button.
  • Overwrite any appropriate values for the PNs in the 'manual column'
  • Push the data to Sential and then send to Grid.
  • Then the stations will submit new MELs to match their PNs.

Normal BAU when a station is doing a change - station submits new MEL in spotlight to reflect a change then this gets pushed to Helios which we match in alinge to get our position.

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