Centrica Off Take Agreement

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Centrica Off Take Agreement

This off take agreement means that 20% of the total nuclear output is owned by Centrica and the other 80% owned by EDF Energy.

Centrica have the right to listen to all of the calls made between the trader and all of the Nuclear CCR's. 

Centrica have the ability to contact the traders out of business hours if they require clarification on any real time generation issues that have been discussed between the traders and CCR (Central Control Rooms). The traders should not offer Centrica any commercial interpretation of generation issues.

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Communication with CCR

  • Traders must not discuss the non-nuclear assets in the EDFE portfolio.
  • Traders must not offer commerical advice to the CCR
  • Any requests made to the CCR to optimise load manoeuvres should be based on actual prices or margin figures etc. and be agreed on an "as soon as is practical basis"
  • Traders should not discuss their trading strategy with the CCR.
  • Any requests to reduce load will normally be deferred until after gate closure where possible should be scheduled for weekends or bank holidays and that load drops of a short duration should be schedules overnight where possible.
  • Where the above is not possible, the commerical preference is that load drops over the peak of the day during Monday to Thursday is to be avoided.
  • Requests from the CCR to prefrom Risk of Trip work during busines hours should be forwarded to the NLT.
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