Othello Plot

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  • Othello
    • Act 1
      • Scene 2
        • Othello has a showdown with Brabantio
        • Duke orders that Othello get to his chambers
      • Scene 1
        • Iago reveals Othello has secretly married Desdemona
        • Iago and Roderigo wake Brabantio
      • Scene 3
        • Othello tells them how he fell in love with Desdemona
        • The Duke says the marriage is legitimate and sends Othello away to fight
    • Act 2
      • Scene 2
        • Messenger announces there will be a celebration for the victory against the Turks
      • Scene 1
        • Enemy fleet is destroyed, Othello arrives in Cyprus
      • Scene 3
        • Othello and Desdemona are interrupted when Cassio gets into a drunken brawl
        • Othello fires Cassio
    • Act 3
      • Scene 3
        • Othello comes back to see Cassio walking away from Desdemona
        • Iago starts messing wiht Othello, saying that Desdemona is cheating
        • Othello swears to punish him and his wife with death
      • Scene 2
        • Othello gives Iago some letters to deliver
      • Scene 1
        • Cassio hires musicians to play for Othello and Desdemona
        • Emilia promises to lure away Othello so Cassio can speak to Desdemona
      • Scene 4
        • Othello asks where the handkerchief is and she doesn't know - they fight
    • Act 4
      • Scene 2
        • Othello tries to get Emilia to confess Desdemona is having an affair
        • Emilia denies the affair, so Othello confronts Desdemona and calls her a whore - she denies it too but he doesn't believe her
      • Scene 1
        • Othello has an epileptic fit
        • Othello hears Iago and Cassio talk about Desdemona, but really it's about Bianca
        • Othello slaps Desdemona  in front of everyone
      • Scene 3
        • Willow scene - Desdemona is ordered to get ready for bed
        • Othello says he will meet her in their room and orders her to send Emilia away
        • Desdemona is in a strange mood that foreshadows her death
    • Act 5
      • Scene 1
        • Othello sees what he thinks is Cassio's murder and he is satisfied
      • Scene 2
        • Othello strangles Desdemona
        • Emilia comes in and raises the alarm, after listening to Othello, she realises Iago has orchestrated the whole thing
        • She tells Othello this and he tries to stab Iago, but fails
        • Iago kills Emilia, Othello kills himself for killing Desdemona


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