Old Man Travelling


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Old Man Travelling- Analysis

  • "The little hedgerow birds". The 'Little' adjective shows the economy of Wordsworths language, he uses a small amount of words, this is also shown in Goody Blake and Harry Gill "old and poor". Wordsworth also starts with nature and includes the negative effects of the modern world.
  • "A man who does not move with pain, but moves with thought". He is "Insensibly subdued". Wordsowth is suggesting he's wise with wisdom from nature and old age, he has lived his life with nature, and is educated as a result. This fits with Rosseaus ideas.
  • He's got wisdom and harmony, but he's subdued becasue of his son, and the negative effects the war and the modern world has had on his son.
  • "Who from a seafight....is lying in a hospital bed". Wordsworth shatters the harmony of nature with man made problems. The hospital is manmade, here natures powers are completly taken away. This is a negative point, just like in The Dunfeon.
  • The war was a period of great upheavel, it shows the bad influences of man and shows mans cruel act on man. This links to the female vagrant.
  • He's completly at one with nature, the "little Hedgerow birds regard him not". This shows he has been with nature all of his life. Hes at one with nature, even though he has terrible consequences.
  • There is still solice to be gained from nature. This is also shown in the female vagrant and goody blake and harry gill.
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Old Man Travelling- Key Quotes

  • "The little hedgerow birds"
  • "A man who does not move with pain, but moves with thought".
  • "Insenseibly subdued".
  • "Who from a seafight.....is dying in a hospital".
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