The Company of Wolves - Quotes

Important quotations from "The Company of Wolves"; a short story in Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories."

If you want me to do a document analysing and explaining these quotes and showing how they can be applied to any question, send me a message!

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The Company of Wolves
"One beast and only one..."
"...carnivore incarnate"
"...once he's had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do."
"red for danger"
"long wavering howl... sound of the rending you will suffer, in itself a
"you could count the starveling ribs... if they gave you time before they
pounced..." repeated later on in the story as "you could count the ribs... if
only he gave you the time..."
"Those slavering jaws; the lolling tongue..."
"he cannot listen to reason."
"You are always in danger..."
"trapping the unwary traveller"
"grave-eyed children... always carry knives"
"but sometimes we cannot keep them out"
"...woman once bitten in her own kitchen as she was straining the macaroni."
"the wolf may be more than he seems."
"mad old man... sings to Jesus all day."
"no wolf lay at all... bloody trunk of a man..."
"howl has... some inherent sadness in it"
"as if clothes made the man... metamorphosis."
"she lays a carving knife in the basket... packed with cheeses"
"She steps into her stout wooden shoes"
"children do not stay young for long..."
"blood on snow"
"just begun to swell... just started her woman's bleeding"
"unbroken egg... sealed vessel... closed system"
"she is afraid of nothing"
"The forest closed upon her like a pair of jaws."
"joking like old friends"
"she gave it to him although her knife was in it because he told her his rifle
would protect them."
"she knew she should never leave the path... else she would be lost instantly."
"There is a faint trace of blood on his chin..."
"she has her Bible for company..."
" can hurl your Bible at him..."
" on Christ and his mother... to protect you but it won't do you any
"the forest has come into the kitchen with darkness tangled in its hair"
"eyes like cinders"

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The tick of the clock cracked like a whip."
"full of Greek fire, diabolic phosphorescence." (his eyes)
"as if it could protect her... as red as the blood she must spill"
"took off her scarlet shawl... the colour of sacrifices, the colour of her
"she ceased to be afraid."
"What shall I do with my shawl?... What shall I do with my blouse?"
"her shoes... were gone for good"
"wise child never flinched"
"She laughed at him full in the face...…read more


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