'The Bloody Chamber' Summaries.


The Bloody Chamber

  • A young bride travels from Paris through the night with her older husband to her new home, a large isolated castle in Brittany.
  • She describes her introduction to a world of luxury and pleasure.
  • Their honeymoon unfolds in a way she does not expect.
  • The Marquis leaves to attend to his business trusting the young wife with the keys to the castle.
  • Makes her promise not to open his private study.
  • Phones mum and cries as she talks of luxurius surroundings.
  • Bored she searches the Marquis' office for info on his previous wives.
  • Explores the rest of the house.
  • Narrator opens TBC and finds collection of dead wives.
  • Drops key in blood.
  • As wife fears Marquis' retur the piano tuner comforts her.
  • Marquis returns & prepares to carry out murderous plan.
  • Rescued by mum and starts new life with the piano tuner.
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The Courtship Of Mr Lyon

  • A poor man on his way home to his daughter is stranded when his car becomes stuck.
  • Finds help in the beast but offends him by taking a rose for his daughter.
  • The daughter is obliged to stay with the beast whilst he helps her father.
  • She leaves the beast to be with her father and enjoy their wealth promising to return before winter is over.
  • She neglects promise and the beast almost dies as a result.
  • She returns and the beast is transformed by her kiss.
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The Tiger's Bride

  • A father loses his daughter to the beast at a game of cards.
  • The girl is taken to the beasts isolated mansion and resists the beasts voyeuristic requests.
  • He reveals himself to her as an animal.
  • She decides to be with him and turns into an animal herself.
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Puss In Boots

  • Puss in Boots agrees to work for a penniless young officer.
  • The officer falls in love with a young woman married to a rich old man.
  • Puss in Boots and his companion a tabby cat bring the lovers together and arrange a murderous solution to all their problems.
  • Puss in Boots and the tabby cat and the lovers happily set up a new home together.
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The Snow Child

  • The count and his wife go riding.
  • He wishes for a beautiful girl.
  • The girl apperas and the countess is jealous.
  • The countess destroys the girl.
  • The count still desires the dead girl and the countess though she has everything learns that jealousy can be painful.
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The Lady Of The House Of Love

  • A beautiful vampire lurks in a Carpathian chateau.
  • An innocent young soldier arrives in her village.
  • Instead of becoming her victim he unknowingly ends her existence.
  • The vampire becomes human and dies.
  • The soldier returns to the world to go to war.
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The Company Of Wolves

  • The wolves in the winter forest are hungry.
  • A girl sets off through the forest to her granny's house.
  • She meets a young man who bets her a kiss he can be at Granny's before her.
  • The young man-wolf gets there first and eats granny up.
  • The young girl sleeps soundly in Granny's bed with the wolf.
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