Of Mice and Men Chapters

Chapter 1 - Opening

  • George and Lennie are introduced and their backgrounds
  • Lennie - described as a bear, doesnt seem to scary... he only has basic needs, speaks like a child, shows disability and has connection with animals 
  • George - restless eyes, always alert and awake, ready to run... has control over Lennie, knowledgable, gets annoyed easily with Lennie 
  • setting of the peaceful brush
  • left Soledad (=loneliness), place of last work 
  • tells previous work - had to leave quickly - Lennie was involved in an incident 
  • George tells Lennie about the mice - foreshadows ending / other parts in the novel
  • learn about dreams of the ranch - the American Dream 
  • George tells Lennie where to hide if in trouble - foreshadows ending
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Chapter 2 - Finding Work

  • arrive at the ranch and introduce themselves
  • they meet the main characters of the novel, Candy, Curley, the Boss, Curley's wife, Slim, Carlson
  • first meet Candy - not threatening, re-assuring, building up trust, bigs up Boss' rep, tells about Crooks
  • meet the Boss - high heeled boots showing his authroity, try to give him height, suspicious that George will not let Lennie speak for himself 
  • meet Curley - plain, boring features, high heeled boots, body language = ready for a fight and not welcoming, agressive more to Lennie 
  • meet Curley's wife - presented as a glamour person, wears red = devils colours, well made up just for the ranch, seductive body language
  • meet Slim - "prince of the ranch", godlike, not intimidating, authoritive, not a violent person
  • meet Carlson - powerful, big-stomached, not respectful of women
  • Lennie begs George for one of Slim's pups as a pet because his dog has just had puppies 
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Chapter 3 - Murder of the Dog / Fight

  • characters realise how Lennie acts and what he is like, his strength and feelings towards certain things
  • Slim realises Lennie has the mentality of a child
  • George shares information about their past with Slim 
  • Carlson bullies Candy into shooting his dog  - Candy's dog is shot 
  • Curley starts a fight with Lennie who crushes Curley's hand after George persuades him to let go
  • Slim tells Curley to avoid humiliation, it would be best to say that his hand got caught in a machine
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Chapter 4 - Irrelevant (Crooks)

  • all men go to town apart from Lennie, Candy and Crooks
  • Crooks teases Lennie saying George may not come back, Lennie panics and becomes offended and protective over George.. Crooks is forced to apologise to calm Lennie down
  • learn more about Crooks and how he feels towards the men on the ranch and their actions, Crooks is isolated
  • Curley's wife starts acusing Crooks because she has more power over him than he does over her
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Chapter 5 - Curley's Wife Dies

  • Curley's wife meets Lennie in the barn, where he just killed his pup for stroking it too hard
  • Curley's wife goes into the barn and flirts with Lennie 
  • Lennie confesses to liking to stroke soft things, so Curley's wife lets him stroke her hair
  • She panics as the stroking becomes harder
  • Lennie kills her by breaking her neck and runs off to hide
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Chapter 6 - Ending

  • George finds Lennie at the clearing
  • Lennie starts to panic after he realises what he had done to Curleys wife and George calms him down and distracts his attention, by talking about their dream
  • he shoots Lennie in the back of the head and kills him with Carlson's Luger pistol
  • Slim comforts George saying he did the right thing 
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