Of Mice And Men

Key revision notes to concider for the exam.

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  • Set after the Wall Street Crash, economic depression sets in.
  • Farmers Flocked to California as there was more work there.
  • No established class system yet.
  • Everyone wants the American Dream.
  • Slavery was abolished by the 1930's but racism was still apparent.
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Plot And Structure

  • George complains about the bus driver making them walk.
  • George warns Lennie to stay away from Curly's wife.
  • Carlson shoots Candy's dog.
  • Lennie and Curly fight.
  • Slim tells Curly to say his hand was crushed in a machine.
  • Curly's wife screams for help because Lennie is clutching her hair.


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  • Lennie- Childish, Love of Animals, lost, Innocent, Forgetful, Gullable, Reliant,Simple,'Gentle By Mind, Heavy By Hand'.
  • George- Fatherly Figure, Responsible, Noble, Responsible, Resourceful, Kind- hearted, Serious, Lonely, Understanding, Impatient.
  • The Boss- fair, Nice Fella, Short Tenpered, Suspicious, Authorative Figure.
  • Crooks- Lonely, neat and Clean, Wise, Proud man,Unwelcoming,Prisoner.
  • Slim- Mysterious, Wise, Understanding, Popular, Authorative Figure, Storng, trustworthy, Welcoming, Skilled.
  • Curly- Agressive, Self Concious, Jumps To Conclusions, Abusive, Authorative, Nervous, Confrontational, Jealous.
  • Curly's Wife- Out Of Place, Self Concious, Flirty, Lacks Confidence, Childlike,negative, Regretful.
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  • Main setting is the ranch and the bunk house.
  • Steibeck uses a lot of adverbs to qualify the way a character speaks or acts e.g. 'Crooks was a proud aloof man'
  • Every section begins with a descriptive scene.
  • Steinbeck uses a lot of slang language and spells words to refelct the time the book was written (1930's)
  • Written in thr 3rd person but within Lennie's viewpoint
  • Steinbeck uses light as a symbol e.g. 'when Curly's wife blocked out the light' it is a bad sign.
  • Lennie's hands are described as paws showing us he is animal like in his innocence but strength.
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Main Themes

  • Friendhip
  • Injustice
  • Loneliness
  • The Working man
  • Shattered Dreans
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