OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Thigpen and Cleckley (5)

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Thigpen and Cleckley (5)

Integration of the Personalities: At this stage the aim of the study was to reintergrate the two personalities. The therapists unsuccessfully attempted to call out both personalities at once, but Eve White complained of violent headaches and Eve Black said that she didn't like the experience. However, as the treatment progressed, the headaches returned and so did the 'blackouts'. Eve Black denied all responsibility and said that she also experienced lack of awarenes during the 'blackouts'. Eve White’s general state of mind was deteriorating and confinement was considered. It became easier for the therapist to call up whichever personality he wanted to examine, and childhood experiences were investigated under hypnosis. The Appearance of Jane: During one such episode, Eve White appeared to relax into a sleepy state. ‘After two minutes, her eyes opened, blankly staring about the room trying to orient herself. When her eyes finally met those of the therapist, slowly, with an unknown husky voice and immeasurable poise, she said, ‘Who are you?’. The therapists believed that another personality had emerged who called herself Jane. The other personality, they argued, was more responsible than Eve Black and more confident and interesting than Eve White.After Jane appeared the three personalities were given electroencephalogram tests (EEG). It was possible to make a clear distinction between the readings of Eve Black and the other two personalities. Although it was not possible make a clear distinction between Eve White and Jane’s EEG.Having been able to work with the three personalities for several months the therapists concluded that if Jane could take possession of the personalities the patient would regain full health and find her way to a happy life. Jane had awareness of both Eves’ thoughts and behaviour but did not have complete access to their memories prior to her appearance. Jane had learnt to take over many of Eve White’s tasks at home and work to help Eve White and showed compassion to Eve White’s daughter.

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