OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Thigpen and Cleckley (3)

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Thigpen and Cleckley (3)

Eve Black: She reported that on several occasions she heard a voice addressing her. During this conversation Eve White, as if in pain, suddenly put her hands on her head, which she later dropped. The therapist noted a 'quick, reckless smile' and in a bright voice she said, "Hi there, Doc!". She was very carefreee, and changed phsyical presence in terms of gestures etc. When she was asked her name she replied she was Eve Black. The therapists noticed that the new person 'she had a childish daredevil air, an erotically mischievous glance". The therapists conducted over 100 hours of interviews over the next 14 months and obtained extensive material about the behaviour and experience of Eve White and Black. The therapists found that although Eve Black could 'pop out' unexpectedly, she could only be 'called out' by the therapists when Eve White was under hypnosis. Similarly, after a few hypnotic sessions the therapists could request Eve Black to let them speak to Eve White. After more sessions they found that hypnosis was no longer needed for obtaining the changes. However, the therapists stated that this did complicate Eve White’s life considerably as Eve Black found herself more able to ‘take over’ than before.The therapists believed that Eve Black had enjoyed an independent life since Eve’s early childhood and when she was ‘out’ Eve White was not aware of what was happening. In contrast, when Eve Black was not out she was aware of what was happening. Eve Black told the therapists about a number of incidents in childhood where she engaged in acts of mischief or disobedience, which Eve White was unaware of and was punished for. Some of these incidents were later backed up in interviews with her parents and her husband.

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