OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Thigpen and Cleckley (2)

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Thigpen and Cleckley (2)

Results/Findings - Qualitative Measures:

Eve White: The patient (referred to as Eve White in the study) had been referred for therapy to one of the authors because of 'severe and bliding headaches'. At the first interview she complained about 'blackouts', following her headaches, although her family weren't of anything that'd suggest a real loss of consciousness or serious mental confusion. During interviews several emotional difficulties were revealed. The psychatrists believed that she had a number of complex a number of complex, but relatively commonplace marital conflicts and persoanl frustrations. However, they were puzzled that Eve White had no memory of a recent trip. The therapist used hypnosis and that amnesia was cleared. Several days later after a visit to the therapists, Eve White sent a letter. The letter was about her therapy and was written in her normal handwriting, but at the bototm of the page there was a paragraph that looked like a child had wrote it. On the next visit, Eve White denied sending the letter, though she did say she remembered writing one, which she didn't finish and thought she'd destroyed. During the interview, Eve White who was normally very self-controlled became disstressed and asked whether hearing an occasional voice in her head made her insane. However, this suggests she didn't have schizophrenia because she knew it was unusual and was therefore, in touch with reality.

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