OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Savage-Rumbaugh (6)

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Savage-Rumbaugh (6)


Use of Gestures: Pygymy Chimps = 6-16 months; Common chimps = 2-4 years

Use of lexigrams: Kanzi = 46 new words; Mulika = 37 new words

Kanzi demonstrated correct use of "chase" and "ball" after being separated from his mother. This behaviour appeared shortly after he spontaneously began to use a gesture (hand clapping) for the same purpose.

Age:                  Examples of Symbols acquired by Kanzi

30-35 months         Orange, Banana, Coffee, Juice

36-40 months         Groom, egg

40-46 months         Hotdog, Mulika, TV

Kanzi acquired 46 words and Mulika acquirede 37. Mulika's initial rate of acquisition was slower than Kanzi's. This could have been because Kanzi acquired some words before his mother's departure but not produced them.

Spontaneous Utterances = 80%; Prompted, imitated partially imitated = 11%; Combinations = 6%; Used to specify someone other than himself = 36%

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