Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals


Nutrients are building blocks, and have specific and important roles to play. Some provide energy, while others are essential for growth and maintenance. 

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Roles of Nutrients

Carbohydrate- main source of energy- found in bread, rice, pasta and potatoes

Protein- used for growth and repair- found in meat, poultry, beans, eggs, lentils, tofu and fish

Fat- a small amount insulates vital organs, provides essential fatty acids- found in butter, oil, cheese, cream, nuts, oily fish, crisps

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Vitamins help to keep our immune system up and help the body to stay healthy. 

They are important for body maintenance. 

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Roles of Vitamins

Vitamin A- keeps eyes healthy and strengthens immune system- found in dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, liver

Vitamin B- helps to release energy- found in bread, milk, cereals, fish, meat

Vitamin C- helps keep skin healthy and healing, helps with absorption of iron- found in fresh fruit, broccoli, tomatoes

Vitamin D- helps absorb calcium and for healthy bone structure- found in oily fish, eggs, butter, sunshine

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Minerals help keep our immune system up and help our body to stay healthy.

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Roles of Minerals

Calcium- helps with strong teeth, bones, blood clots- found in milk, yogurt, soya, dark green leafy vegetables

Iron- helps with red blood cells- found in nuts, whole grain, dark green leafy vegetables, meat, liver

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