Nuremberg Rallies


Nuremberg Rally

At suggestion of Julius Streicher, Nuremberg was used for this second rally of 1923. Included two-hour parade of 80,000 Nazis.

Due to restrictions on Hitler speaking in most cities, including Nuremberg, rally held in Weimar. This rally marked rise to prominence of Goebbels, who made speech filled with praise for Hitler. --1926

 First truly spectacular rally held in Nuremberg. All major buildings used for meetings. Open spaces used for dramatic spectacles, including formation of human swastikas and fireworks displays.--1929

Rally called ‘Congress of Victory, celebrating Hitler’s coming to power. Huge logistical challenge to accommodate half a million Nazis: huge tent cities constructed. Huge grandstand built overnight on one of the open spaces, Luitpoldhain, for 60,000 people to hear Hitler speak.--1933

Hitler presented the Nuremberg Laws removing citizenship rights of German Jews. He also displayed the results of German rearmament, including new tanks, armoured cars and aircraft--1935

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Nuremberg Rally Cont

Strong military motif, as in 1935, though in his speeches Hitler claimed that Germany wanted peace. Strong criticism of Soviet Union and ‘Bolshevism’. Hitler contrasted Germany’s shortage of land with Soviet Russia’s great wealth of territory--1936

Diplomatic representatives of most Western countries attended (including U.S.A., Britain, France). Brothers of General Franco and Japanese emperor attended. Hitler declared Treaty of Versailles was dead--1937

Final and greatest rally. Theme: Greater Germany. All accumulated experience of previous rallies used in parades, banners, speeches, torchlight processions and fireworks. More than one million people involved. Final day of rally dedicated to Germany’s armed forces.--1938

Planned rally abandoned on 26th August, on eve of conflict with Poland.--1939 

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