New right theory

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New right and functionalism

BIG differences

  • FUN describes how things ARE
  • NR identifies policies and actions about a situation-what they want to do  
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new right history

  • A Political philosophy- influenced right wing politics in both USA and UK from 1980 onwards
  • Based on free market economies
  • Yuppie culture- flash your ash 
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Key ideas

  • Freedom of the individual
  • Learning to stand on your own two feet- supporting a free market/ competition- the nanny state needs to end
  • A stress on conservative values
  • Strengthening law/ order – ensure conformity- return to traditional family values- encourage a return to morality        
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key writer Charles Murry

Underclass result of over generous welfare  polices 3 ides central to his work

UNDER class


TRADITIONAL values    

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