How the Nazis gained support

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  • How Nazis kept control
    • Nuremberg Rallies
      • Started properly in 1933
      • Triumph of the Will - made in 1935 by Leni Roefenstau. It made the Nazis look efficient and organised
    • Media
      • Goebbals was in charge
      • Hitler said "If you tell a lie enough times, people will start to believe it
      • In 1933 there was a public book burning of anything putting Germany in a bad light for written by jews
      • Any newspapers/films which portrayed Hitler in a bad light or didn't promote Nazi ideologies were stopped.
      • The use of new technology helped the Nazis to control people
        • Made sure the cost of radios was low
        • When giving speeches, a van with a speaker went round broadcasting it
        • Hitler gave radios to poor families
      • Used the ** and Gestapo to scare people in to not listening to the BBC or stations not promoting the Nazis
    • 1936 Olympics
      • Germany was top of the medal table
      • People were impressed - the streets were clean and people were polite. They were particularly impressed with the stadium
    • Young people
      • They were important as Hitler wanted a 1000 year Reich
      • Schools - good place for Nazi propaganda. If teachers didn't teach Nazi ideologies, they lost their job
      • Hitler Youth
        • Getting them ready for the army. Baldur von  Schirach was in charge
        • They tried to install aggression
      • League of German Maidens
        • Prepared girls for "children, church and kitchen"


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