Nazi Intolerance to Diversity

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Explain why Nazi Germany was intolerant to diversi

  • The belief in duty and sacrifice in pursuit of a common goal was crucial and prevented any alternative, individual beliefs.
  • In the past Germany had refused to grant liberty to those who threatened the overall security of the State.
  • The recent history of Germany since 1919 was clear evidence that allowing political and personal freedom and diversity created a weak and chaotic State.
  • 'Survival of the fittest'- those who were weak had to suffer because they would not survive in society.
  • Alternative ideologies like Socialism and Communism were evil because men were not equal and the nation State, not the international movement, was what mattered.
  • Individuals would have to lose their rights and freedoms as a consequence of his rule, they were actually harmful to the common good.
  • Nazism was intolerant of inferiority as much as it was to diversity. Hitler's belief in racial struggle came from his belief that either the German race would control and enslave the inferior races to the east or the German nation itself would be crushed.
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