Music-listening and appaising

This is a brief summary, that can be used to answer the extended questions in section B and some historical content in section A

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Key features of the Baroque era

The Baroque era-1600-1750

  • Establishment of a key (major/minor)
  • Use of the different textures (homo phonic, polyphonic, monophonic)
  • The baroque orchestra
  • Ornamented melody line e.g. appoggiaturas, and acciaccaturas
  • Diatonic chords- chords, literally belonging to the key
  • Basso continuo- a continuous bass, you can see in the score that there are many crochets in the bass line
  • Terraced dynamics (changing dynamics)
  • Prevalence of an affection or mood (in this case the mood is praise and glorification)
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The four key ideas

1) "And the glory the glory of the Lord"

  • This stars with a three note triad
  • Ends with a sequenced scale

2)"Shall be revealed"

  • two one bar sequences
  • more than one note per syllable

3) "And the flesh shall see it together"

  • Repetition, creating a firm statement

4) "For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it"

  • Plagal cadence (sounds like amen), "spoken it"
  • Long minims- again, firm statement  


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