Multi Store Model of Memory (MSM) - Atkinson & Shiffrin (1968)

MSM Revision!

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Duration of STM

Limited. 18-30 seconds.

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Duration of LTM

Can last up to a life time!

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Capacity of STM

STM has a limited capacity of 7+/- Chuncks

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Capacity of LTM


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Encoding in STM

Mainly Acoustic Code

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Encoding in LTM

Mainly Semantic Code

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MSM consits of three stores:

1. Sensory Store

2. Short Term Memory (STM)

3. Long Term Memory (LTM)

Information about our current environment is in the sensory store.

If we pay attention to something it will be encoded and moved into STM.

If the information is rehersed then it will move into LTM, if not it will be forgotten.

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