Psychology AS Unit 1 - Memory (Part Two)

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  • The Multi-Store Model (MSM)
    • Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)
    • Strengths
      • Strong evidence to support claims for duration, capacity and encoding.
      • Includes details of structure and process.
      • Has stimulated a lot of research which leads to increased understanding.
      • Evidence for the three stores: Serial position effect (Glanzer and Cunitz), Role of hippocampus (Squire et al).
    • Limitations
      • Oversimplified.
      • STM does't function as a unitary story, e.g. KF (Shallice and Warrington).
      • LTM is not a unitary store: e.g. Semantic, Episodic, Procedural memories.
      • STM is not independent of LTM (Ruchkin et al).
      • Processing is more important than maintence rehearsal.


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