Multi Store Model of Memory

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Multi Store Model of Memory


  • Sensory memory- recieves info from the senses, millisecond duration,ifpayed atterntion to, information passed on to the STM. 
  • STM- Memories present/ immediate past. Limited capicity 4-7 chunks, duration secs/mins.If not rehearsed memory decays, if rehearsed a bit (maintenece) it stays in STM, the more it gets rehearsed (elaborative) the more likely it is for the info to be passed in to the LTM.
  • LTM- memories from distant past, more rehearsal the stronger memory in LTM. When info retrieved from LTM it moves back to STM.


  • Supporting: Spirling (1960) showed small duration of STM, word pairs, 50 millieconds led to poor recall.Bahrick et al (1975) showed duration of LTM, 48yrs later people remembered names of people in school year book. 
  • Developing: Squire et al(1992) hippocampus involved when LTM engaged, Scoville+ Milner (1957) hippocampus acts a gateway to LTM.
  • Contradicting: Logie (1999) STM relies on LTM so cannot be separate, e.g during understanding things. Also MSM over simplifies.
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