Mount Etna Siciliy - 27th October 2002

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Nature of event

Mount Etna on destructive plate margin

- African plate subducting under Eurasian plate

Mount Etna composite stratovolcano

Since 2001 Mount Etna seen eruption every year

Highest and most active volcano in Europe

Estimated nearly 25% Siciliy's population lives on Slopes Mt. Etna

Usually erupts basaltic lava low viscosity so able to flow significant distances

27th October 2002 most explosive flank eruption since 150 yrs

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Social impacts- Mount Etna Sicily

77 people killed

Residential areas evacuated threat of lava = 1000 people had to leave their homes

Local authorities used holiday homes to rehouse people

300 family businesses affected 

Ski schools closed for years

Lava and ash.. many people had to leave Island - find work

Some people experienced emotionals stress

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Economic impacts- Mount Etna Sicily

29th July 2002 Airport Catania forced to close while runways cleared of ash

This affected Winter tourist industry- visitors stayed away- safety concerns

Lava flows destroyed a ski station 

two two two- 2 hotels, 2 restaurants destroyed

& several ski firms and many souvenir shops

Roads destroyed- hard to access areas

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Environmental impacts- Mount Etna Sicily

Magma ejected 100 metres into air - clouds of ash and lava

laval flowed quickly down mountains (why areas evacuated)

Farms were destroyed covered in ash- crops destroyed

Volcanic ash from eruption improved soil fertility

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Responses- Mount Etna Sicily

May 1992 engineers blasted openings - lava tube- encourage new direction flow 

Lava front stopped advancing Zafferena eruption ended 10 months later

Most successful attempt changing course of eruption many doubts over whether flow would have reached Zaferrena anw.

2002- PRESENT Italian gov gave tax breaks to people affected and temporaily suspended utility bills

Rescue workers tried to divert flow - threatened scientific monitering centre- Mt Etna's foot

Italian Army's earth-moving equopment - try & divert lava flows

Ship equipped with medical equipment ready near Catania if needed

Gov declared state of emergency- eastern side Sicily

Most- locals rebuilt homes salvaged materials or relocated- little government intervention

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Management- Mount Etna Sicily


Catania section- National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) monitored volcano for 20 years

Using permanent network of remote sensors- radio and by mobile phone to acquisition centre

Round-the-clock monitoring systems included gathering seismic data & measuring gas and fluid emissions - see activity level volcano

Seismic reports issued daily

Civil Protection Agency - Catania surveyed volcano from helicopter, airport had to be closed 4 days - ash on runway and smoke in air.

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