More of Mice and Men

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  • Lennie has a mental disability. ( put carefully)
  • 1930s America, Soledad.
  • The top soil was swept off due to over farming (known as the dust bowl).
  • The wall street crash
  • Lynch mobs were quite popular.
  • Black people wern't treated well...
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Section 1

Migrant workers george and leenie are in a small clearing on the way to a nearby ranch. The left thier preivous ranch on account of Lennie. Leads pleads for George to tell him about the 'Dream' and tending the rabbits.

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Section 2

The next day George and lennie arrive at the ranch. There they meet: the boss, his son Curley, Candy,Curlley's Wife, Slim and Carlson. Slim is friendly toawrds George and Lennie. Slims ***** has given birth to a litter and Lennie begs George if he can have one for a pet...

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Section 3

Slim realises that Lennie has the mind of a child. George tells Slim about the supposed **** of a girl in Weed. Carlson pressure Candy into Shooting his old dog. George at Lennies insistance want's him to speak about the farm. Candy becomes enchanted by the idea. Curley fights Lennie and gets his hand crushed by Lennie after he has asked George. Slim persuades Curley to say that his hand got caught in a machine.

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Section 4

All the men got to town on Sunday Except Lennie and Candy and Crooks. Crooks reluctantly allows Lennie into his room where they talk and Crooks taunts Lennie that George might not return, leaving Lennie on his own. Lennie panics at this this thought and Crooks has to make Lennie calm down. They talk about buying a farm.

Curley's wife interrupts them and Candy and Crooks resent her presence and she verbally attacks Crooks, using her superiority as  a white woman.

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Section 5

Most of the men are outside playing horseshoes. Only Lennie is in the Barn where he accidentally killed his pup by stroking it too hard. Curley's wife comes in and she lets him stroke her  hair. He strokes it to hard and she panics and Lennie breaks her neck. He half buries her in the hay.

Candy discovers Curley's wife's body and informs the men. Curley is furious and decides to pursue and kill Lennie. George joins in reluctantly.

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Section 6

George meets up with Lennie in the brush, where he told Leenie to go if there was trouble. Lennie is panicking and George tells him about the ranch. George distracts LEnnie and shoots him with Carlsons Luger, painlessly.

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