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A bud forms at the cell surface membrane

The DNA is replicated as the yeast cell undergoes mitosis

Nuclear division is complete and there are two idential copies of the parent cell.

The bud seperates from the parent cell resulting in two new cells.

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Yeast cells and budding

This happens in single celled micro organisms e.g yeast...think of bread and how quick the dough rises as the cells multiply. It also happens in eukaryotic cells since they are also single celled.

The 3 main significant points for mitosis:

Growth and repair: Mitosis allows the repair and growth of dead cells.

Genetic stability: Has identical DNA copied from parent cell. Its useful in planting e.g cuttings from a plant.

Provides asexual reproduction.

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Process of nuclear division

I.P.M.A.T.C----- A nice acronym for the process is : I passed my Alevels today cheers!

Interphase: The DNA is replicated in the cell as it prepares for division

Prophase: The chromosome becomes more condensed and the centrioles move to the opposite side of the cell.

Metaphase: The chromosomes align at the centre of the cell as the spindles attach themselves to the chromosomes.

Anaphase: the two sister chromatids are pulled at opposite ends of the cell by the spindles.

Telephase: The nuclear membrane reappears, there are two identical nuclei present.

Cytokinesis: The two nuclei are completely seperate from each other: Two identical but seperate cells

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