State- F211- OCR

Things that should be able to be stated according to the specification OCR F211

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Resolution and magnification

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LIGHT-0.2um                     x1500

TEM- 0.0001um        more than x 1000000

SEM- 0.0005um        less than x 1000000

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Cell Membranes

Plasma (cell surface) membranes are..... 

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Cell Membranes

Partially permeable barriers

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Mitosis/ Interphase

Mitosis= small percentage of cell cycle

Interphase= remaining percentage

  • Checking and copying of genetic information
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Cell Cycle

Mitosis- cell divides to produce 2 genetically identical cells


  • cell grows
  •  new organelles and proteins are made
  • genetic material is copied and checked for errors (decided whether mitosis should take place)
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Cells produced are...

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not genetically identical

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