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Interphase is the longest stage of mitosis. During this stage each chromosome makes an exact duplicate of itself. The chromosome will then thicken and coil.


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In early prophase, the centrioles which have divided form asters and move apart. The nuclear membrane begins to disintergrate.

In late prophase, the centrioles and asters are a opposite poles. The nucleous and nuclear membrane have almost disappeared.


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The doubled chromosomes, their centromeres attached to spindle fibres - line up at the middle of the cell in the metaphase.


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In early anaphase, the centromeres split. Half the chromosomes move to one pole, half to the other pole.

In late anaphase, the chromosomes have almost reached their respective poles. The cell membrane begins to pinch at the centre.


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The cell membrance completes constrictions in telophase. Nuclear membranes form around the seperated chromosomes.


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Mitosis Completed

Mitosis completed, there are 2 cells with the same structure and number of chromosomes as the parent cell.


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