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mitosis ensures genetic consistency, with daughter cells genetically identicle to the parent cell.

the daughter cells also have exactly the same number and type of chromosomes as their parent cells: this is achieved by:

- DNA replication prior to nuclear division.

-  the arrangement os the chromosomes on the spindle and the separation of the chromatids to the poles.

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mitosis: grwoth and repair

mitosis ensures that an organsism has genetic consistency and all cells in the body have the same genetic infomation.

some animals such as starfish use mitosis to grow and repair a complete new body from a fragment.

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mitosis: asexual reproduction

many organisms reproduce without producing gametes. They grow copies of themselves by mitosis, producing offspring that are genetically identicle to each other.

this form of reproduction is called asexual reproduction

asexual reproduction occurs when bacteria cell grow and then divides into 2 new cells.

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