• DNA in chromosomes are packaged and undergoes supercoiling.
  • Chromosomes shorten + thicken (condense)
  • Each chromosome has two sister chromatids
  • Nuclear envelope begins to break up + disperse         
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  • Chromosmes line up on the equator of the cell.
  • A spindle made of protein is organised by the centrioles.
  • Chromosomes are attached to the spindle by the centromere.
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  • Chromatids break apart at the centromere.
  • They are then pulled to the poles by the spindle.
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  • Nuclear envelope reforms around each group of chromosomes.
  • The chromatids uncoil.
  • New nucleoli form in each nucleus.
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  • Cytoplasm near the equator tucks inwards.
  • Splitting the cytoplasm.
  • Organelles shared between 2 cells increase in number during interphase.
  • Golgi body vesicles produces new section of plasma membrane.
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