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Definitions, Approaches and Therapies…read more

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Definition 1- Deviation
from Social Norms
Where a person exhibits a string of behaviours that
are deemed unacceptable by the society in which
they find themselves.
Limitation- very ambiguous, social norms change
between groups of people, groups of friends,
countries, locations, time.
Limitation- contextual and perceptual: a person
may be deemed abnormal by one person, but not
by another.
Limitation- Cultural relativism- Different
abnormalities for different cultures.…read more

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Definition 2- Failure to
Function Adequately
When a person struggles with the demands with
everyday life, such as washing, working or eating.
Limitation- People may fail to function adequately
but not show it. People with eating disorders hide
their abnormal behaviour, so people do not notice,
this definition relies on displayed non-coping
The ability to function performing tasks is relative.
One may be seen to be functional in the eyes of one
person, but not in the eyes of another.…read more

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Definition 3- Deviation
from Ideal Mental
Made up of several components that unambiguously
define ideal mental health
Positive Self Attitude (high self esteem, strong sense of
Personal Growth and Self Actualisation (extent of
development of capabilities)
Integation (being able to cope with stressful situations)
Autonomy (independent and self regulating)
Accurate Perception of Reality
Mastery of the Environment (ability to love, function and
work etc)…read more

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Evaluation of Definition
Very few people have all of those criteria 100% of
the time. Sometimes people have low self esteem,
or cannot cope with the stress of a situation, this
does not mean they are abnormal.
These factors are culturally bound i.e. it monitors
independence, the Chinese society promotes
dependence within it's people, so they would be
perceived as abnormal under these criteria.…read more

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Biological Approach to
Seen as a malfunctioning of biological systems in
the brain. Looks at differences in brain structure,
infection, genetics and biochemistry in the brain to
determine the root of abnormality.…read more

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