Milgram- Alternative Evidence

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Milgram- Alternative Evidence

Supported by Adrendt
1)  Case study of Nazu Eichmann- he was not evil but 'terrifyingly normal' but just obeyed orders.
2) Supports as all pps obeyed because of situation not personality. Eichmann- Himmlers orders to implement the 'Final Solution'. 65% of pps gave 450V shocks following experimenters prods eg...
3) M larger sample (40 males) Adrendt only 1 person so no generalisations.

Challenged by Adorno
1) Behaviour is shaped by personality- particularly an authoritarian personality which makes them intolerant to minority groups (jews).
2) Cahllenges as M said it was situation that made them obey not personality.
3) M more reliable as he could repeat and retest his study whereas Adorno's was only theoretical.
Challenged by Rank and Jacobson
1) Nurses were told by doctor to give 3 times recommended dosage of Valium to a patient. 89% (16/18) did not obey.
2) Challenges as M found people obey authority. 
3) M was carried out under controlled conditions but R&J was a feild experiment so not as reliable.

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