middle east and climate change


Diversity and distribution lands

The Middle East is a diverse region unable to define the Middle East through ethnicity, religion or national identity as it is so diverse.

Between Europe,Asia,Africa

Rub’ Al Khali (the Empty Quarter) Desert that covers most of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsular

The Arabia Plate and Eurasia plate are two continental plates that are moving TOWARDS each other at a rate of 3cm per year.  This leads to the formation of fold mountains in the north of the Middle East and causes earthquakes

Two prominent climatic regions, Mediterranean and Desert, semi-arid

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population diversified uae= ethnicity

The population of the Middle East is unevenly distributed. 

most densely populated areas=River Nile=>100 people per km²

most sparsely populated area=Arabian Peninsular=<1 people per km²

Reasons for this= climate, access to water, good soil for agriculture

Middle East diversified, one day the oil and gas revenue would be extinct. Meaning that they would have no income, which would impact on both their social and economic future development. Dubai has done this investing in ports, airports, airlines,5 star hotels,theme parks,beaches alongside tourism, Internet City and Media City.

48% of the worlds oil reserves and 43% of the worlds gas reserves are in the Middle East

Middle East is main source trade routes and has led to a very diverse and complicated region.  The region is where Judaism, Christianity and Islam originated from.  Islam is the most practiced religion 70% of the population of Israel are Jewish.

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yemen LIC

population:2/3 of population is under 24 and unemployed (60%) population expected to get 40mil in next 20 years

Gender equality:yemen women are taken out school to marry young or care for relatives causing graduation levelsand attendance to be low with 49% being illiterate.

water:rated 7th water stressed country due to mismanagement in yemens captial so only availble once 4 days for 2mil people.

Tourism:good physical geography however it needs security crisis,tourism infrastructure,and stable secure environment to be safe and attract.

infrastructure:no railways,inaccsesable areas to get to medical care and other services.

imports/exports:most food imported,no products exported,reliant on oil exports

conflict:military and arms spending on money dvision of north and south over oil wealth and water

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reasons for conflict in the middle east

Borders:britain and france created regional borderd between kurds, now five countries, irael plaenstine conflict over jewish homeland

Iraq war:saddam was overthrown leading to shia and sunni conflict greater tension due to sa neign filles with suni and iran and iraq covered with shia muslims

Arab springs:2011 protests in tunisia and eygpt overhtrow govermnet due to unemployment and corruption with rising prices

Religion:conflict between sunni and shia muslim, the iraq war building tension between the two religions sa and iran 2 most powerful countries divded

Oil:the amount of oil in region meant usa and britian interfering this made confict worse and an increase in terrorism around the world

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Global issues


volcanic ash= ash blocks outs suns rays to be stopped cooling the earth

solar output=varies so could affect global climate

orbital varations=the way the earth orbits the sun varies could have effected cc


-burning fossil fuels releasing CO^2

-farming and cattle emmits methane

-deforestation chopping trees cant absorb CO^2+ burning trees release CO^2

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