Memory Improvement Stratergies

helping improve memory

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Verbal Techniques

  • Acronym- a word or sentence which is made from the original letters/ words to be remembered e.g. 'richard of york gave battle in vein' to remember colours of the rainbow.
  • Chunking- deviding a lot of information into small more memorable chunks e.g. a telephone number is easier to remember if you think of digits in threes or pairs.  
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Visual Techniques

  • Method of loci- using a day- to- day activity to create links between info that needs to be remembered e.g. the activity of getting dressed in the morning helping with remembering a shopping list: putting on socks = apples, putting on a top = bread etc.
  • Visual imagery e.g. mind maps
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  • Craik and Tulving - found that providing a meaning will improve memory.
  • Research into memory improvement stratergies is externally valid as it coincides with research that supports the memory models (MSM and WMM); the verbal techniques help improve STM as the encoding for STM is acoustic/ echoic and the visual techniques help improve LTM as the encoding for LTM is semantic.
  • High in mundane realism.
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