Memory Experiments

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Capacity: STM


  • He read a number of digits outloud that participants had to repeat and list back in order
  • He suggested that capacity in the STM can be enlarged with groupings
  • His results showed STM can hold 7(+-2digits)


  • age: as you grow older you develop strategies
  • You also can not be sure if the numbers mean something to someone
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Peterson and Peterson

  • The aim was to measure how long STM can last for
  • They got 24 students to remember a trigtam of 3 letters and 3 numbers while minusing 3 off to reduce the chance of rehersal 
  • After each time they had to recall it
  • It was found the duration lasted 30 seconds

Factors Affecting

  • Reapeating something can keep the memory trace alive
  • Can't stop rehersal
  • Age
  • It may mean something to them
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Duration: LTM


  • Took 392 graduates in the USA over a 50 year period where somewhere in those 50 years the had graduated highschool
  • THey were spilt into 2 groups and shown their yearbook:

-one were given a list of pictures with names

-the others were asked to same the name of the people without the names

  • It was found people can remember certain times of information for almost a lifetime


  • You don't know how often they have seen those people
  • Age - memory fades over time
  • Can't generalise worldwide has it was only down in america
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