Episodic and semantic memories

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  • Episodic
    • These memories are important for our sense of identity
    • They help us to remember the past, predict the future, and decide what to do.
    • We see ourselves as actors when recalling episodic memories
    • The entire context surrounding the info is part of the memory
    • Stored information about our experiences in life and past events
    • Eg. "I remember when my dog broke its leg it was so funny what happened was.."
    • Memory of events in a time serial form
    • Dependent on time referencing, memories linked to the time they happened
    • The input is continuous
    • Cues help to trigger a memory
  • How the two are interrelated
    • Our episodic memory is considered to support and underpin semantic memory
    • Semantic memories can operate independently whereas episodic memories are unlikely to exist without semantic memories, as it needs to draw on prior knowledge.
    • Both are forms of declarative memories
    • Both linked to the medial frontal lobe
      • Episodic memories - hippocampus


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