media Industries


Media Industries

Large media companies:

- BBC                             - Virgin Media

- CHannel 4                   - NBC Universe

- Disney

Smaller industries tend to be more free than financial corporations, also the tend to appeal more to the niche audience. 

Media industries refer to established and regulated organisations that own and produce many different products, platforms and brands. 

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Synergy - interactopn or cooperation of two or more organisations, substances r other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of thei seperated efects. 

Concentration of media ownership - process where proggressivil fewer individuals or organisations control increasing shares of mess media.

Cross medi aownership - ownership of multiple media businesses by a person or cooperation.

Conglomerate - a company that owns numerouse companies envolved in mass media enterprises.

Convergent merging of previousl dinstince media technologies and media forms.

Sumsidar - small compan owned by a aparent company.

Horiznontal intergration - when a company buys another company from thesame brunch.

Vertical integration  when a comanb bys another copan from a different brunch.  

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Brands: Disney animation, childhood, theme parks. Brand image enstablish a difference to other companies.

Media influence - values + ideology are transmitted through representation in media texts. Powerful intituation can influence the attitudes, interests and beliefes and desires of audience on a large scale. 

Rehulations - Fifferent regulations for a different countless indrstries.

British classification regulate the film industry and decide the rating.

Advertising standards autghorit decide wether complaints should be acted uopn.

PBS (Public Service Broadcasting) BBC - BBC is founded by the license fee compulsaru levy which everyhousehold with a TV has to pay. Entirely independedant, no links tot he gevernment, set up by royal charter. Differenr Countries have their own PBS.

Commerial insititutions - Try to combat the power of the BBC by becoming larger and creating vericle integration. Institutions has shares or owns each part f the production.

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Kewords and aspects

Terrestial commercial TV - has a limit of PSB is obligated to differenr things

Satelite and cable TV - rise in subscribtions: sky, netfilx and amazon

Internet TV - increasingly involved in being content producers

New media - issue of ownership and it's importance has changed easier and cheaper to distrubute media texts.

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Curran and Seaton regulation and deregulation theo

The idea that media is controlles by a small number of companies driven by profit an power. Narrow range of opinions, variety and messgaes.

- convergence

- regulations

- indapendent

- mnimalization of conflict and differences local commercial

Nephilic perspective - good view on media

Cultural perspective - negative about new media

Some real media is hidden

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Livingstone and Lunt - Regulation

Idea that there is an underlying struggle in recent UK regultions policy between the need to further interest of citizens and need to further the intrest of consumers.

Idea that the icreasing power of global media corporation together with the rise of convergent media technologies and transformation in the production, distribution and marketing of digical media have placed traditional aproaches to media regulation at risk. 

Monopoly compan - a compamny that wants to buy as many smaller comanies as possible.

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