Industry Theory

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Curran & Seaton: Power and Media

  • The media is controlled by a small number of films driven by profit and power.
  • Media concentration limits variety, creativity and quality.
  • Diverse patterns of ownership = more adventurous productions.
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Livingstone & Lunt: Regulation

  • Struggle in UK regulation policy between need to further the protection of citizens vs. need to further choice of consumers.
  • Increasing power of global media + the rise of convergent technologies = traditional regulation at risk.
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Hesmondhalgh: Cultural Theory

  • Cultural industries minimisee riska and maximise audience through vertical and horizontal intergration and formatting of products.
  • Conglomerates operate across many industries.
  • Potential of internet contained by incorporation into a large profit oriented set of cultural industries.
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  • Horizontal Intergration: The Expansion of an industry at the same level of the supply chain.
  • Vertical Intergration: The expansion of an industry across multiple or all levels of supply and distribution of a product. 
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