GCSE RE Matters of Life and Death in the Media

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Matters of Life and Death in the Media

It is important that we see matters that relate to life and death in the media because:

  • issues of life and death affect everyone
  • people have very strong feelings about these issues
  • opinions are divided and it is important that we know how people think differently
  • controversial choices need to be discussed openly
  • people have the right to know about developments in these issues
  • people need to know how the law may change 
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Ways the Media presents matters

  • Newspapers- they adopt personal opinions and provide interviews with people 
  • Internet - they can include online newspapers and sites such as BBC, but anyone can publish and it is not regulated or checked for accuracy 
  • Television news and documentaries - these offer the opportunity to focus on a major issue at length, identifying different positions on the issue
  • Soap Operas - they use changing story lines to examine issues in depth in a way that is accessible to the general public 
  • Television dramas- they are similar to soap operas and some may specifically focus on matters of life and death
  • Situation comedies - the main aim is to make people laugh, because they take place in everyday situations audiences can relate to the programmes. Mostly, about matters of life and death
  • Films - they include a detailed plot, to examine an issue in depth, often based on a novel that has been introduced to a smaller audience
  • Cartoons - like situation comedies, these can deal with matters of life and death even those aimed at children 
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