Managing Operations: Week 1

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Definitions of Operations Management

Definition 1

Activity managing resources devoted production + delivery products + services.

Definition 2

About managment of processes produce/deliver goods + services. 

Examples of Resources

  • Assets
  • Staff
  • Money
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Operations in Business


  • Back office operation in bank.
  • Retail operation (e.g. The Body Shop).
  • Kitchen unit manufacturing operation.

Back-office operation: Businesses operate where customers can't see them

Front-office operation: Businesses operate where customers can see how they work

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Process of Business Operations

The process is as follows:

1. Marketing responsible market research, doing surveys, gathering info customers. Pass info onto product/service development department.

2. Product/service Development: They create prototype based info given + see how customers react.

3. Operations: If customers like prototype = prototype passed onto Operations Department.

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